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Configuration Management Tool Comparison

2021-02-25 Dave
As part of my masters, I did my thesis on comparing a collection of the most common configuration management tools on the market for speed of execution, cost and ease of implementation. What I’ve detailed below is a summary of the findings I made, and if you’re interested in the learning more about the test framework, conditions and low level detail, please feel free to download the full thesis here. Continue reading

Test Automation Tech Test

2021-02-03 Dave
I’ve been involved with interviewing candidates for tech roles for years at this point and have interviewed college graduates up to senior management, in Ireland and outside, virtually and face to face. I generally really enjoy meeting people and have refined the interview techniques I have to try and ensure candidates are as comfortable as possible but one thing I’ve spent a lot of time tweaking is gauging technical ability. I’ve delivered paper based tests, multiple choice code questions and whiteboard activities and with all of these, the common factor is just how abstract the tasks are and how unrelated they are to typical day to day activities. Continue reading