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Authentication on Hue using SAML SSO and Azure Part 2

2021-01-26 Dave
This post is going to go over an issue that took a huge amount of debugging to understand and uncover while I was implementing SAML Authentication with HUE. After reviewing limited documentation, failed trial and error configuration attempts and ultimately an ignored StackOverflow question (Spoiler here if interested) it became evident I was going to have to figure this one out myself. To see other adventures in HUE SAML configuration, see my other post here Continue reading

Authentication on Hue using SAML SSO and Azure Part 1

2021-01-25 Dave
As I mentioned on this before, there will be some niche information on this, a lot of which will be driven by experiences I have in professional and personal projects. This is a prime example of something that I found it difficult to find resources for online and had to do a lot of trial and error myself in order to get it over the line and the goal of this is to save someone the heartache I suffered through to accomplish it. Continue reading