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Entering 2021

2020-12-29 Dave

As the year comes to an end (and jesus, what a year it was), it’s time to start looking towards new year, new me, as is tradition every year. I’m always ambitious and I usually do manage to make one or two changes stick in among the 20 odd I’ll have set myself. And surely, this year will be no different.

One of the changes that I want to try and make stick this year is getting some more use out of this site. I bought this domain in 2010 and while the email address has been very useful, most attempts at getting some form of publishing online has not gone well. Best effort was the wordpress blog that lasted almost a year but due to wordpress security issues, it overnight became a Russian pharmacutical website so I shut it down.

This is now a much simplier setup, using hugo, github and netlify, which, after some initial teething problems, now means opening a markdown file and pushing the changes up through git is all I need to do in order to update the site.

Obviously though, the “How” is only part of this, the “What” we update the site with is also important and ideally the content that goes up here, when not pandering to my documenting of thoughts or updating my cheatsheets, will be useful for others.

In no particular order, the things I’ll be focusing on and writing about are divided in tech based subjects like:

  • Home Automation
  • Smart projects
  • DevOps Tech
  • Software Engineering
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) tips and tricks

and some more based in real life like:

  • Life Hacking
  • Gaming
  • My upcoming Mortgage journey
  • Diet/Fitness (Trying to lose weight)

I debated whether or not to turn on comments for this site, and reckon unless the demand is there, I won’t bother, if people are very interested or have queries/opinions, they email or tweet at me.

I’m hoping to get in the swing of this on a semi regular basis from the start of the new year so as you can see by the date on this, I’ve given myself a bit of a headstart. Lets hope it is the resolution that sticks this year!

Here’s to 2021!